Why clients love Towelzies

Towelzies is all about providing your clients with a more luxurious and hygienic salon experience.

· Clients love the soft and luxurious satin feel of Towelzies

· Clients love being pampered with an exclusive towel every visit

· Towelzies contain no chemicals, bleach or plastics and are ideal for sensitive skin

· Towelzies provide the gold standard for hygiene – clients will see the benefit of this

· Towelzies are super absorbent and 2-3 times more absorbent than cotton towels. There is no need to RUB hair dry anymore – Towelzies ABSORB the hair dry with a gentle pat – this is better for the hair, which remains tangle free and the cuticles remain smooth

· Clients will notice any improvements in customer service that arise because staff aren’t in the laundry but back in the salon

· A lot of Clients like to take their Towelzies home with them – there really are 100’s of things you can do with them.

Could your salon use an improved customer service to better retain clients and attract new ones?