Whats living in your towels?

Scientific tests show that towels are a microbiological hot spot. Even when towels are laundered after every use, large quantities of bacteria can survive the laundry process. If you notice your towels remain smelling musty after being washed – this is due to the build-up of bacteria and a sign the towels should be replaced.

For a cotton towel to be correctly disinfected, bacteria must be removed both thermally and chemically. Low-temperature wash cycles and modern detergents are inadequate disinfectants. The only way to minimise virus and bacteria build up is to use bleach and a high-temperature wash cycle.

High temperature wash cycles use a lot of electricity and add to the cost of laundering your own towels – which is one of the reasons you can save money with Towelzies, and which give your clients a fresh new sterile towel every time.