How to use Towelzies in a Spa or Beauty Salon

Towelzies are designed to minimise laundry, and reduce costs, by using our single use towels alongside your existing towels you can raise hygiene and add an extra level of comfort and luxury.

  • Luxurious silky soft, warm, and silent.

  • Sustainable, Biodegradable, Ultra-Hygienic

  • Free of plastics and chemicals, perfect for direct contact with sensitive skin

Use together with your existing sheets and towels, they will not need to be washed after each treatment – only the Towelzies will need to be replaced.

See how you can use Towelzies in your beauty salon or spa.

Spa Towels

(size 80 x 140cm, 60gsm – available in smooth black, and smooth white)

Use with traditional towels and sheets to create a luxurious hygienic barrier

  • On top of your client during treatment

  • Shower & Sweat towels

  • Modesty cover

  • Use 2 for full body massage in a T shape, one lengthways on top of the clients legs, and the other cross ways over the clients chest and arms

Suitable for:

Massage, Facials, In-Spa changing facilities, In-Spa heat experience, Hair removal, Aesthetics, Medical, Fitness, Tanning, aroma therapy

Medium Towels

(size 80 x 40cm, 60gsm smooth black, smooth white, & 55gsm White Pearl embossed)

  • Pedicure drying / Manicure

  • Facial Pillow Cover, Table mat

  • Hair removal modesty cover

  • Changing Room Drying Towels

  • Gymnasium sweat towels

Suitable for:

Facials, Mani-Pedi, Hair removal, Spa, Medical, Gym

Small Towels

(size 20 x 40cm, 60gsm – available in smooth white)

  • Hand drying

  • Cold or Hot compress

  • Eye Pillow cover

  • Manicure mat

Suitable for:

Facials, Massage, Mani-Pedi & throughout the spa

Spa Sheets

(size 180 x 80cm, 50gsm – available in smooth white)

  • Use with traditional towels and sheets to create a luxurious, hygienic barrier

  • Use as a table protection cover, under the client

  • On top of the client, with a towel over the top

  • Wrap around clients during mud, scrub and oil treatments