How Do Towelzies Save Money?

Towelzies will reduce your direct costs of:

  • Electricity for the washing and drying machine

  • Water, detergent, and bleach costs

  • Replacement cotton or microfiber towels

  • Deprecation costs when replacing washing and drying machines

  • Labour

These direct costs vary from salon to salon and range from 25 cents to 50 cents per towel, depending on wash temperature, replacement towel policy, detergent type and other factors. It is often less expensive to use an independent laundry service to collect your used towels, wash, dry, fold and return them – than it is to operate an in-house laundry.

Towelzies cost between 22 cents to 28 cents depending on the type of towel. For a standard hair wash and dry – only 1 Towelzies is required (see our – “what’s the best way to use towelzies” post)– if your salon uses 2 towels for this task, you could now reduce your costs further.

Towelzies become profitable when a salon avoids all these costs, and uses the time wasted on washing towels on more profitable tasks – like spoiling clients or generating more business. If your salon is spending 2 hours a week on washing, drying, folding and storing towels (100 hours a year) – what else would you rather do with this time?

As labour costs continue to rise, technology continues to develop, and the need for environmental changes remain, - now is a great time to reassess how you deal with towels.